Being compared and judged in Christian Hip-Hop

When I 1st performed in Church,

they compared me to KJ-52.

When I 1st performed in Oregon,

they compared me to Braille.

I was offended by these comparisons. Mainly, because I didn’t want to be labeled a white rapper. Unfortunately, if you are a Christian that uses Hip-Hop culture and Rap as a tool to share the gospel, love & life, you are going to be labeled forever more. I had to get over it.

I then studied these two individuals after the claim and found out this wasn’t an attack on my character or style. This was a compliment. Since 2006 both of these artists have been the hardest working emcess in the industry. They have been through a lot. They have paved the way. They have knocked down a lot of doors and walls in the music scene which I have unknowingly benefited from.

The thing I admire the most about these two artists is their business mind. How they share music and how they approach the industry just astonishes me. Not just because of their methods, but because they are successful in mostly every thing they do.

They impress me. They inspire me.

So the next time you are compared to someone else, don’t be quick to deny the claim. Instead, sit back and think about it for a minute. Realize, we are not in a competition. We are in a community. Let’s continue to build one another up!

Blessings family!

Chris Treborn | AnchorMEN

2 Corinthians 5:17

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Traveling down The Romans Road To Salvation


Delivering Good News with his fellow AnchorMEN, Chris Treborn is back with the same mission, some new material, and a new target market.

His last solo effort was entitled ‘DemoGraphFix‘ – a project for tweens which was designed to be “Infiltrating Peer Pressure with Counter Culture”.  The project was inspired by his past few years performing for 10-14 year olds, realizing he couldn’t deliver the same message to them as he would 15-20 year olds. 

This time around, the Soul Anchor team is targeting a younger audience (4-14 year olds) with the new #AnchorFAM project entitled ‘The Romans Road To Salvation‘.  Perhaps you have heard of this Romans Road before.  The Romans Road is an easy tool using the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans about the wages of sin, and the gift of eternal life.   Using key verses in Romans, one can evangelize and direct one to Salvation.

The goal with this project is to reach a younger crowd with truth conveying messages and real life understandings.  By directing the focus on family first, we can reach out to the other families in the community and beyond.  As a part of AnchorMEN (Real CHRISTIANS living as real HUSBANDS being real PARENTS staying REAL! Because they always Man UP!), Chris Treborn is learning and growing as a husband and father and leader of his family which he calls Team Treborn.

Along the road, Chris is composing his own instrumentals and writing Biblical lyrics that meld together to create a beautiful reality of our nature and our spirituality at stake.  The music will grab kids’ attentions, and with his lyrics, he will bring to life the truth and reality we will all face.  He also plans to present illustrations that will better explain the (narrow) path down the Romans Road to Salvation.

Stay on the look out for New Music, as well as some spoken word, and various other social media resources presenting the Gospel to the youngest generations.

Find more information on the official site @ 


✪ Review ✪ KSON’s Debut Album “Light In Me”

KSON stands for King’s Son which is an appropriate name for this PK known to his friends as AJ. KSON has been writing and rhyming since he was living in Modesto, California. His Father’s Church was in the heart of the city and it was the first Church I’ve been to in such a shady neighborhood. But this was the heart and intent of KSON and his father all along. They were right in it. I strongly believe this impacted KSON into the man he has become and I know this has had a huge influence on his powerful lyrics.

In 2006 KSON moved to Oklahoma and jumped into the hip-hop scene in the greater Tulsa area. He was blessed with the opportunity to open for KJ-52 and Group 1 Crew. A few of his songs got play on his local radio station as well. All of this just helped him prepare and build up his skill and craft.

Since the beginning of this project, KSON has faced diverse adversity. “I’ll Be Here” reflects just one of his troubling experiences. In the past few years, KSON has been surrounded by darkness, not by choice. It seems as if everything has been against him. But that hasn’t stopped him or slowed him down. He remains a light in a dark place. And although he could have faced harsh depression, he said he will “keep the Light In Me” and shine on like a K Kid should.

This album has strong lyrics backed by hard hitting production. His words hit you quick like jabs from a hard-spitting-emcee like Braille. And like Braille, he isn’t afraid of speaking the truth and attacking all issues he sees. KSON doesn’t just provide trunk rattlers, he provides some soulful music and I’m sure tobyMac would be proud of him. This is just the beginning of the progression of a true artist.

The only thing I dislike about this project is that it is only 9 tracks. But that is okay. We know that with the success from this project, KSON will continue shining from within and sharing the light with us all.

My favorite songs are all the ones with features coincidentally, but if I had to narrow it down, I’ll take; I’ll Be Here, K KID, & Victory as my top three favorite songs from Light In Me.

- Christian Treborn -


PR: Album Release! Can’t Stop – Benjiman


It’s Tuesday December 17th, 2013 and Benjiman released his album on Save The City Records!

You can support your favorite Oregon Emcee and buy his album on iTunes —> HERE @  <—



We have been privileged to perform with Benjiman at many events, like Ike Box’s first Christian Hip-Hop Concert, as well as opening for GRITS & CookBook (of LA Symphony).

Benjiman has always been a humble man of God, and a blessing to have around.  His performances are real professional and he gives 110% no matter his musical support (sometimes solo, sometimes with a DJ, & sometimes with a full band).

In the month of June we celebrated the independent success of Benjiman and prepare to hear his first album in nearly 4 years.  Here are some Questions I asked Benjiman and his answers.

Q: How long have you been writing, playing, recording music?

A: I wrote my first “real” song when I was 13 years old. It was a rock song that I can’t remember now. The first time I performed live was when I was 16, I first stepped into a recording studio at 17.

Q: What has been the biggest influence on your style & your lyrics?

A: I have been a fan of organic music since day one. I love music that has feeling to it. No matter the genre if it has feeling and emotion to it I dig it. Lyrically I enjoy a good story, or a good wordsmith.

Q: Where was the first time you performed in front of an audience?

A: The first time I performed live was at a Christmas event at our church. I did a Christmas Rap in 1992

Q: What was your most memorable performance?

A: Probably a show called “Gametime in Tennessee” it was held in Neyland stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee. I got to open for Isreal Houghton and Group 1 Crew in the second largest stadium in College sports.

Q: What would an artist like you need to get more exposure, reach more listeners, & sell more CDs so that you can be noticed and possibly get signed?

A: I think anytime your message is put out there it’s positive and has a chance to impact new listeners.

Q: What are you reading right now?

A: Sometimes I like to go into the new testament and just read all the red letters, you know all the things Christ said. That’s what I’m doing right now. It just helps me out a ton on the day to day.

Q: What are your thoughts on family?

A: I am married with 2 small boys, so family to me is a strong dynamic. But I think family goes beyond blood and also includes brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers in the faith.

Q: When did you receive Christ?

A: At 5 years old in 1980

Q: What does the church mean to you?

A: Church means a place of nourishment and fellowship, also a place of convictions and reality. You must have all those different elements or you’re lacking in some aspects in the growth of your pursuit.

Q: What is the best way for fans/venues to experience your music and get in contact with you?

A: Hit me up on Facebook at