#AnchorFAM: From this day forward

Whether or not you’re married now, did you ever daydream about what your marriage might look like? What kind of person your spouse would be? What sort of relationship you’d have together? Even whether you’d have children and where you’d live? Now think about the life you have today. When our realities don’t live up to our dreams, what can we do about it?

Marriage vows often include phrases like “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.” Relationships contain all of those things. No matter what circumstances, choices, shortcomings, or surprises may have landed us in a less-than-dreamy present, we can’t look to the past to make it better. We can only commit to a better future starting now — “from this day forward.”

If having the marriage of your dreams were easy, you’d already have it, right? If you don’t have the strength, you’ll have to learn to rely on Christ’s strength, which is always enough. And even if you’re in a place where you feel like you’re all out of love — you can rely on His love that never runs out.

Let’s pray together: Lord, thank You that each day we have from You is a gift, another chance for a fresh start. Help us to forgive, and to let go of the past. Please help us to see Your strength in our weaknesses today, and then again tomorrow, and every day after. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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@ChrisTreborn re-releases #trrts a week after #TimeCapsule2099

Last week Chris Treborn released his latest album Time Capsule 2099 and this week he re-releases his summer release The Romans Road To Salvation.

Time Capsule was produced and recorded by Treborn on his iPhone. After finding success with quality in recording, he decided to re-record TRRTS on his iPhone as well.

You can get The Romans Road To Salvation here at TRRTS.com (name your price to donate)

You can also get Time Capsule 2099 here at CDBaby.com ($5.99)

If you would like to purchase the instrumentals as well, get the extended version of Time Capsule here at BandCamp.com ($9.99)

Soul Anchor Music is also releases an extended version of both albums (TRRTS vs. 2099) combined. You can get that here at BandCamp.com ($9.99)




Chris Treborn’s new album + instrumentals comes out today!

Beginning Tuesday September 30th, 2014 – Chris Treborn released a single track from his latest project and it ended Tuesday December 30th, 2014.


In 2007 Chris Treborn began creating a music project beyond his imagination.  His inspiration was a Digital Time Capsule that was set to launch around that time called KEO.

The freedom to pen your own ideas, thoughts, & message to be read years from now was the muse for this project. Original titled ‘Christian’s Time Capsule’ a future reflection of Chris Treborn’s style and thoughts was to be released after ‘Christian’s [Memory Box]‘ (a collection of his favorites songs).

The project has since been shelved and merely a work in progress that continues to be in the process of creation.  Chris Treborn has penned close to a dozen songs and has produced a majority of the compositions to accompany his futuristic lyrics.  His lyrics are all futuristic, but the lyrics also speak of past events that remain relevant to this day.  All songs written have a certain feeling to them.  They are telling stories that will last the generations and stand the test of time. These everlasting truths will be comprehended by future generations and hopefully even Treborn’s descendents.

Throughout this ‘Time Capsule’ Chris Treborn intends on using his freedom of speech to share his knowledge and truth.

The goal is to have this Hip Hop styled album be relevant and remain true even in the year 2099.