Our latest project comes from Chris Treborn of AnchorMEN

2099 versus TRRTS (Extended Album featuring both projects)

Time Capsule 2099 (Official Site | Album + Instrumentals)

The Romans Road To Salvation (Official Site | Album + Instrumentals)


Chris Treborn – Sharper Image

eCsiLe – Painful Inhabitance

TwenTy Peace


Formally known as G-Rated Entertainment, Chris Treborn created his own label on August 7th, 2001 before releasing his first demo entitled “T.E.A.R.Z.”

After striking a recording contract with Sphire Productions, the first studio album recorded was “Landscape of time” which was released on September 14th, 2004. Soon after there was a tour and unity between other local artists throughout the Central Valley of California. After rededicating his life to Jesus, Chris Treborn moved to Salem, Oregon and quickly dove into the local Hip-Hop scene. The locals began to compare him to Braille of Lightheaded, and Treborn began to understand more about the CHH scene beyond just local artists.

Chris Treborn found himself in a depression even though there was much success with his release of “OPEN HEART SURGERY”. In 2009, Chris Treborn took a theology class and got reconnected with his Lord and Savior. On September 9th, 2009, he released a greatest hits remix project called “Christian’s [Memory Box]” and then retired the name of G-Rated ENT.

Looking to relaunch his music, he went with a name of a song from “Landscape of time” called Soul Anchor. That was when he created Soul Anchor Music & became intrigued with a book called Anchor Man in early 2010. That was also the year he reunited with his touring mate eCsiLe and together they formed AnchorMEN a group of local hip-hoppers who were also Family men. Soon after they were reunited with Twenty Peace as well and the group grew missionary.

After Chris Treborn got married and had children he began recording and releasing music each year. You can find his releases under the Music Projects page or on his page.

As life continues on, Soul Anchor Music plans to bring more music, more devotional material, & more family friendly events.